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Struggle NO MORE with your uneven or barely there eyebrows! Microblading or Nanoblading will gift your face and daily beauty routine by giving you a finished symmetrical look and hassle free makeup regimen!

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**10% of your purchase price will go toward the Microblading for injured Military Veterans in need of this service**🇺🇸

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What is Microblading

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Professional Microblading Services

Microblading is a semi-permanent process that involves implanting pigment under the skin using a small hand tool. This will create a natural and 3-D effect to create beautiful symmetrical eyebrows.

What to expect:

1. Schedule your appointment 

2. Consulation and mapping of your face and brows

3. Numbing

4. Microblading procedure

5. Aftercare Instructions

6. Schedule your 6 week follow up 

7. Enjoy your brows!!!!!

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Brow Angel, LLC is located in the cozy Tranquil Haven studio in West El Paso. Intimate and personal one on one attention. Enjoy your session while your relax to aromatherapy and calming music. 


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What is Microblading??

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